Meder Active Care For Eye Area

The sking arond the eyes is defferent from other facial areas. It has less collagen and elastin, fatty tissue there has a somewhat loose structure, and that defiens specific aesthetic problems, like puffiness, changes in skin tone caused by visible capillaries, thin skin with mimic wrinkles. So even at young age thes area requires special care.


Day Cream for eye area.

USE FOR: thin, mature skin, dark circles, fine lines in the eye area.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil extract, Niacinamide, titanium dioxide and iran dioxide micro particles.

BENEFITS: smooth, firm and even, visibly brighter skin. If used regularly reduces dark circles, smoothes out the wrinkles. Has a concealer-like effect, evens out skin tone.

HOW TO USE: Apply a small amount of cream to clean eye area, distribute evenly around the eyes with light circular movements. Use daily, in the morning.

TELL YOU CLIENTS: a universal cream brightens and evens out the skin. It restores microcirculation, helps intesify collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. Despite light texture it has a pronounced nourishing effect. Iron oxide and titanium dioxide micro particles give the cream beautifying effect evening out the skin tone and concealing dark circles.


Night cream for eye area care.

USE FOR: puffy eyes with dark circles around them, first signs of aging in the eye area.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: caffeine, Niacinamide, lecithin, escin.

BENEFITS: Quickly reduces puffiness and dark circles, restores microcirculation, and evens out the wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and bright.

HOW TO USE: apply a small amount of cream to clean eye area, distrbute evenly around the eyes with circular movements. Use daily, in the evening.

TELL YOU CLIENTS: cream quickly reduces the puffiness and swelling in the eye area. When used regularly, it increases skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.